Love Compatibility Analysis


Love Compatibility Analysis through Vedic Astrology By Best Astrologer In India


Love Compatibility Analysis through Vedic Astrology

Love/Marriage compatibility Analysis is essential to get a peaceful home and family atmosphere.  Love/Marriage  Compatibility Analysis test is a special service through which, we can know the  position of planets and stars  as per your horoscope .At the same time best astrologer in india- Aditya shastri will gives you solutions if there apear any problem in your horoscope.

In Your Compatability-Report, You Will Get To Know:

  • Description & details of planets of both partners –  Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
  • Combinations & Yogas of malefic & benefic planets like Sun-Saturn-Mars & their impact on your married life.
  • Mangalik Dosha Chart.
  • Milan description (36 points match making).
  • About Nadi, Bhakoot, Gana and Grah Maitri.
  • Any special consideration in the charts.
  • Marriage is permissible or not
  • If yes, a brief overview of overall married life.
  • Vedic astrological remedies/Solutions, lucky gemstone recommendation as coverage if there is gap in the compatibility of couples.