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esports arena Alabama

esports arena Alabama

As a major sport, an esports arena is deserved. The Magic City ePlex will be one of the first venues in the country to offer a quality gaming environment for your customers. There is nothing better than participating or watching an event surrounded by teammates, friends, and fans.

Esports gets an arena

With so many stars and so much money, there is no reason gaming does not deserve respect. This is one of the fastest-growing sports markets with over $1 billion in revenue last year.

The days of LAN parties are over but competition in the United States is still underground. The Magic City ePlex will change that with top of the line technology and an atmosphere you cannot get in a studio or at home.

Where can I enjoy esports?

As a major center for competition, we offer every amenity available to those passionate about basketball, football, or hockey. When you are hungry, we provide.

The arena offers cooked to order pizzas, subs, and other fare. Beer and wine is on hand for adults with proper identification. The seats are comfortable and the food plentiful.

Watch or participate in esports

You can choose to watch or be a part of our tournaments. When the major league gaming stops, feel free to become part of the action.

We want you to enjoy the sport as well as become a part of it. Our providers include Hewlett Packard and VR studios. Compete in tournaments or against locals using state of the art virtual reality and Vive gaming stations.

Where can I experience VR?

Gaming is evolving. Virtual reality is part of this experience. As the technology continues to grow, networked gaming is becoming a reality.

The Magic City ePlex offers the ability for up to four players to be a part of the same virtual reality experience. The days of tethered desktop gaming are quickly coming to an end with mini-pcs powerful enough to handle new technologies and we want you to be a part of the revolution.

Join the ePlex team

Our arena is not just a hallowed ground for one of the fastest-growing sports, it is home to a competitive team. We invite you to apply to be one of our prized gamers or get a leg up in the service and gaming industry. Be a part of something new and exciting with the ePlex team.

Our gaming incubator will be unlike any other. Don’t just find a home, feel like you are a major league all-star with top of the line training facilities and a true arena to call your own.

Where can I find information on gaming?

If you want to prepare for gameday before visiting our esports arena, head over to our website. We offer a live feed to keep you up to date on the most recent information. Esports is growing quickly. New sponsors, tournaments, events, and stars are born daily.

We offer a feed to help keep you in the loop. Visit our website today.

esports arena Alabama
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esports arena Alabama esports arena Alabama